Electric Meat Tenderizer is a basic meat processing instrument…..

Processing your meat can be a satisfying experience if you use a Meat Tenderizer. You can easily pick up one that suits your budget from our store PROfessional PROCESSOR. The most popular meat tenderizer that we sell is the American eagle Electric Meat Tenderizer. Such a meat tenderizer costs $699.99 and has 33 stainless steel blades which cut hard meats and converts them into tender steaks. The pro processor meat tenderizers also work great and are easy to use.

meta tenderizersThe types of electric meat tenderizers offered by us are hand held, large type commercial tenderizer, mounted electric styles and clamp on styles. We also have some popular brands of tenderizers with us like American eagle, TSM, LEM, Fleet Wood and Weston. Some of the meat tenderizers come with a handle which are capable of handling a lot of meat together. We also offer you with some exciting deals from time to time on our website

meat tenderizing

If you are looking for an electric meat tenderizer for making chicken fillets for making cutlets, you can easily purchase one which comes with a Commercial Jerky Slicing Blade. Such a tenderizer costs around $499.99. We also sell meat tenderizer attachment with 32 rotating knives on each side and 2 stripper combs. You can book such a tenderizer from our website at $349.99. We also have a unique 2 in 1 Commercial Jerky Slicer and Tenderizer which costs $299.99. We also have semi-automated electric tenderizers which cost $10,750.00.


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