Commercial Vacuum Sealers

Vacuum sealers protect perishable foodstuffs from degradation by oxygen. The foods’ freshness and flavor are extended for a longer time. The available types of vacuum sealers are external vacuum sealers and chamber vacuum sealers.  For the chamber sealers, an enclosed chamber is used; the lid closes automatically and begins the process of sealing.

commercial grade vacuum selaerExternal vacuum sealers:

It is the common type of commercial vacuum sealers that is used in homes. Many manufacturers make this sealer, with the common brand being food-saver. It’s a clamp-style where the open end of the vacuum sealing bag is placed in a tray and the lid is shut. Through the open end, the machine releases the air from the bag. Due to this property, liquids cannot be vacuum sealed. Moreover, special bags with texture are used to draw the vacuum.

Chamber vacuum sealers:

Here, the whole bag that is kept in the vacuum sealing machine with the lid is lowered down. The sealing machine takes out all air that is inside the chamber. After completion of the vacuum cycle, the bar comes up and seals the bag. Since there is no sucking at the open end, liquid foods like soups and stews can be sealed. In addition, a wide range of flat chamber vacuum bags should be used with the external vacuum machine.

The latest commercial vacuum sealers in the market are:

  1. Commercial grade vacuum sealer made of stainless steel. It is easy to use, has an adjustable seal time for controlling seals on bags with a variety of thickness and an acrylic vacuum lid for the best bag alignment.
  2. Commercial grade vacuum sealer which prevents freezer burns and freshens the food for about 6 hours more than traditional methods. Money is saved since the freezer burned meat is no longer thrown away. It has two operation modes; manual and automatic.

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