Advantages Of Using a Commercial Vacuum Sealer

Professional Processor

A vacuum sealer sucks the air out of a bag in order to preserve a product, specifically used for food such as meat, in order to more increase its life time. A commercial vacuum sealer is extremely useful when you are trying to preserve leftover food from dinner or if you are trying to save food in a commercial establishment such as a hotel.


An integrated pump is used to remove a large percentage of oxygen from the packing bag. Oxygen provides a helpful area for the growth of bacteria and fungi, but these vacuum sealers reduce the amount of it. Typically commercial vacuum sealers are of different types such as table top chamber machines and floor standing models as well as external suction machines. A chamber sealer is capable of removing oxygen with the help of sensors that get activated once the lid of the machine gets closed. It has an in-built compressor and with this type of vacuum sealer, you can even do a partial vacuum and seal multiple pouches at the same time, thereby improving productivity. The thickness of the vacuum sealed bags usually ranges from about 6 to 8 millimeter thickness that protects it from external influences. Using this you can seal food products such as meat, poultry and chicken with confidence.


When it comes to packing food, there is nothing as being very careful. Fruits and meat once opened from their original packing can easily get spoilt If not properly stored and preserved. Placing them in a freezer or a fridge may slightly prolong their shelf life, but can never guarantee its freshness for too long. At one point it is definitely going to start decaying. Using a commercial vacuum sealer will help in making the food items last longer with the added advantage of lesser freezer burns. Also this reduces the amount of storage space the packed bags would consume when compared to using normal zipper bags. They can be used to store food items for an entire season with absolutely no instance of spoilage. Even foods such as cheese and baked bread do not form molds quickly when they are vacuum packed.  The juices from meat can be sealed in easily with absolutely no loss of flavors. Addition of chemical preservatives are not necessary anymore and since it comes with multiple packing options, users can purchase rolls of films, foil lined and easy tear bags as per their needs.


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