Commercial Dehydrator


From ancient times, food drying is practiced by humans. It is a method by which vegetables, fruits and meat can be preserved for a long time. The old method was to add some salts and other preservatives in order to preserve food. Nowadays this method has changed with the invention of machines and new technologies.


Commercial Dehydrator (food) now serve the purpose. It is a machine that sucks moisture from food for its preservation. It uses a specific amount of heat and air flow in order to dry water from the food. Mostly 80% or more of a fruit is water and 50% or more of a vegetable is water. Removing of water also helps to kill bacteria which can possibly grow and spoil food. Removal of water also reduces the weight of the food. So food Dehydrators are used to preserve food.


Dehydrators require heat using energy sources, e.g. solar, electric power or bio fuel. Dehydrators have different forms and sizes depending upon their use, whether it’s commercial or domestic. Its basic components are a heating part, a fan, air vents that facilitate air circulation and food trays to keep food for dehydration. All these three parts, heating element, fan and air vents work to remove water from food. Heating element produces heat that dry water content of the food. Than fan produces air that blow this moisture, heat away from the vents. This process can be prolonged for hours until the food is completely dried.

Different kinds of foods require different amount of heating temperature for drying. Most of them are dehydrated at a temperature of 130 °F, or 54 °C, meat is exceptional. It should be dehydrated at quite a higher temperature of 155 °F, or 68 °C. It can also be preheated to make them gain required temperature levels. High temperature helps in killing germs that are inside the meat. Good dehydration requires a constant heat and adequate airflow. Temperature must be under control because too high temperature can cause hardening of food or it might dry food from outside and pack inner water content inside which can spoil it.


Pro Processor is a company that is specialized in making food Dehydrators. Initially the company was a meat processing distributor and was working for 90 years.  While working as a distributor they sense a need for a device for food processing at economic prices in the market. They contracted with such device, making only those companies who comply with rules and regulations and aid them to make such equipment. These are hard working enthusiasts and dedicated to provide food processing equipment at affordable prices. They also guide you to buy the exact equipment that you might need within a reasonable price range. They will strive to make sure that you are pleased to purchase from Pro Processor. They will also try to make sure that your device is working the way you wanted. And in case of any faults and low performance you have the right to return the device to Pro processor.


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