Commercial Vacuum Sealers Offer More Benefits

Fruits, vegetables, meats and other fresh foods are always best when properly sealed in an airtight container or bag. However, it is not always easily closed, and you may have the problem of closing  and sealing bags and can not get them done? If so, you need a commercial vacuum sealer. They seal food fast and efficiently. They are designed to extend shelf life by 3-5 times if it wasn’t sealed. There are various factors hat impact shelf life however. It depends on


How much longer will my products last?

Typically, the shelf life may be extended three to five times. Results will vary, though, depending on the nature of the product, how it is handled, the temperature of the refrigeration unit containing it and the handling conditions before you got it.

Why should I vacuum seal products?

  1. The aforementioned longer shelf-life
  2. Gets rid of annoying freezer burn
  3. No more evaporation which causes you to lose product volume.
  4. Bacteria can’t multiply as fast
  5. You can keep track of your inventory much easier
  6. You can of manufacture larger batches
  7. It has a much cleaner appearance to clients and instills confidence in your company for your interest in safety and cleanliness. It enhances product safety, harder to vandalize and steal it in large vacuum sealed bags.
  8. Much less chance of cross contamination and employees can keep track and get the products out much faster.

Clients  are impressed by the packaging of their products. It shows  that you care about the products being cared for in the most sanitary way possible. Check out what a commercial vacuum sealer looks like and what it can do for your business from


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