Explore the New Range of Commercial Vacuum Sealer

A good commercial vacuum sealer is one which does not get heated up regularly. In which case, you would have to rest the machine for sometime before using it again.  The specifications of the machine depend upon the size of bag you want to seal and number of bags you want to seal simultaneously in one cycle.

The product we are talking about here is a dual chamber 220V machine with the following specifications.

  • Outside dimensions of the machine are 50”L X 27.5”W X 39”H
  • Width between the sealing bars is 2”-19.5”- 3/8”. The bars work within a space of 16”
  • It is a floor model and works on 220V AC
  • It is very strong and rugged. Weighs around 250Kg and is made of stainless steel
  • The motor pump is of 2- 900 Watts
  • Clearance in each chamber is 7.5”
  • One year warranty on the product

To use the machine you need to set the vacuum time, sealing time and the temperature. Keep the bags which need to be sealed below the bars. The open ends of the bags should be kept protruding beyond the bars outside. Close the lid. After which the action of vacuuming, sealing is completed within seconds. While this is happening in one chamber you can start keeping the bags ready for sealing in the second chamber.


Professional Processor is the leading supplier of non-commercial and commercial vacuum sealer. It sells high-performance machinery and accessories like Vacuum Sealer Pre-Cut Bags, Repair Maintenance Kit, etc at affordable prices.

Variants to the above model are the desktop and commercial ones. The desktop model is lighter and weighs 85 Kg. It works on 110 V AC and dimensions are slightly smaller than the floor model. There are commercial models which work on both 110 V and 220 V AC .


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