Commercial Electric Meat Slicer by ProProcessor

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(Item #646-330)
The Spirocutter is used by meat markets, delis, ham stores, meat packers and caterers worldwide. It Slices whole bone-in or boneless hams around the bone to produce an unbroken, spiral cut. The vertical lead screw assures precise and consistent slices (6 per inch), a feature which is often overlooked when compared with expensive hydraulic spiral-slicers. The simple and easily accessible components are very easy to clean and maintain.

Commercial Meat Slicer

  • Compact and less expensive.
  • Easiest to operate.
  • More durable than slicers twice its size and price.
  • Available as a table top or on a portable stand.
  • The Spirocutter will slice boneless products with an attachment.
  • Maintaining a razor-sharp blade edge is easy with the sharpening stone attachment.
  • User friendly design enables one operator to operate several slicers simultaneously.
  • Instructional video and operations manual.
    You can save on shipping charges if you have your equipment sent to a business that has a forklift or loading dock!Please check box if you do not have a business address or loading dock or forklift.

    Price:  US$10,995.99 



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