Must Have This Products in your Kitchen

600431An electric motor driven appliance referred to as “food processor” is made in such a way to chop/ shred/ dice the vegetables to fulfill the needs of the customer and make his life easy. Electric Shredders/ slicers are a subset of the food processors and are single operation oriented machines. Food processors normally have multiple functions, depending on the type of blades. One of the most important functions of food processors include is vegetable shredding and slicing.

The basic functionality and designing of a vegetable shredder include a transparent bowl made of plastic that fits around the channel. Cutting blades fit to operate near the bottom of the bowl. The feed tube allows ingredients to be added for shredding and chopping. Electric food shredders have made life easier from slicing to grating one’s favorite food.

Check out some Proprocessor’s products that are must in the kitchen:-

  1. Electric Tomato squeezer:

It separates seeds and skins from tomato resulting in a smooth tomato puree. It also makes apple sauce and various kinds of purees.

  1. Big Vegetable Squeezer:

It enables the mincing of large quantities of tomato and other vegetables separating the pulp from seeds and skin. This is ideal for those who require quick performance as it designed using a high power motor.

  1. Vegetable Shredder:

It has 4 exchangeable disks one for slicing and three for different types of shredding. It produces low noise and has immense power such that it can grate chocolates, chop nuts and make bread crumbs very easily. One can even make cube-shaped vegetables, French fries and julienne with it.

   4. Multi-Function Vegetable Cutting Dicing Slicing Machine:

Another multi functional vegetable cutting machine which is suitable for slicing, dicing and cutting all kinds of vegetables and fruits. The cutting shape can be changed by different blades. It is easy to operate and offers high proficiency.

Visit for some more interesting machines.


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